Donnar Vom Casselswald

     Donnar is a German import from an excellent German bloodline. He has very good bone-structure. Donnar is a strong Male with a masculine head, he also has excellent expression and color. His pigmentation is deep Red And Black. He's extremely intelligent and easy to train. Great with kids. He has the willingness to work and please you. Donnar is a great big Teddy Bear that loves to be with his family. When outside he is always on high alert protecting  his home. Donnar has the whole package. Such an Amazing German Shepherd.           

                         At stud 

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         Donnar's Pedigree info..


                 Urbi z Gargamellu
                          Call name


   Urbi is our newest import from Czech Republic. He has an outstanding pedigree. Some of the Champion Dogs that are in Urbi's pedigree

VA1  Pakro  d' Ulmental

VA1  Ursus  vom  Batu

VA1  Hobby  vom  Gletschertop
VA1  Ulk  von  Artett
VA1  (Spain)  Ora  vom  Batu
VA1  Zamb  vom  der  Wienerau

VA1  Jeck  vom  Noricum

2X   VA1  Fanto  vom  Hirschel
2X   VA1  Rikkor  von  Bad - Boll
2X   VA1  Uran  vom  Wildsteiger Land
VA2   Quenn  von  Loher  Weg
VA4   Mark  vom  Haus  Beck

  Urbi is highly intelligent with an excellent temperament and a willingness to work and please. He has a beautiful red and black color to his coat. Urbi is a strong, large boned Male. 


 Urbi's  Pedigree info...