Tess Von Fidelius

DOB: 02/13/2012 

Daughter of 
2 X World Champion 2011 & 2012 
VA1 (2011 & 2012) & 
2010 Vice Sieger 
VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag
SCHH3, Kkl 1, HD a-normal (a1), 

ED-fast normal 


Para Mihapa


Para is our newest imported female.Para is co owned but lives here at my haus.  She has been trained and received her IPO1.

Just like all of our imports, Para is highly intelligent,loving and protective of her family. She has a gorgeous color and beautiful coat. Para produces size intelligent pups that are easily trained 


Proud to announce that Demi Von HausBeck will be joining our breeding program. All or her health testings is completed. Demi is the daughter of Donnar and Ury.  She is highly intelligent and has all the outstanding traits that our Donnar possesses.  Demi Has all the Beauty that Ury and Donnar have.

SG2 Lampedusa Von Bad-Boll

(aka) Astra

 newest addition

Daughter of

2X VA  (BSZS +B) 2019 

ASAP Vom Aldamar  

Lena Vom Zisawinkel

Zeete aka Red