Welcome to HausBeck 

   Imported Long Hair German Shepherds


First  of  all  I  would  like  to  thank  you  for  stopping  by.  I  have  owned   and   lived   with   German   Shepherds   for   over   20   years.  I  have a great  passion  for this  breed.   I'm  determined  to breed  dogs with  sound   temperaments,   health,   coats  with  very  good  pigmentation   Deep  Red  And  Black,  playful,  loving,  highly   loyal, and   protective.  I  also  Breed   intelligent   dogs  that  will  be   easy   to   train.  All  of our  dogs are  European  imports. They  are   AKC,   UKC,   and  or  SV   (German Kennels Club)   registered.   Our   dogs   are   Penn Hip   and   Or   OFA   X-Ray  to  make  sure  they  do  not   have   DJD   (Degenerative  Joint   Disease)  also   DNA   tested   before   entering  our  breeding  program.

   I'm  a   small  Hobby  breeder  only  having  a few  litters  a   year.  I  Breed   for  Quality  not  Quantity.   My dogs   DO NOT  live  in  kennels  or caged . They  live  in  my   house  as   part   of   the   family. I do not fit the typical breeder mold. I care what I breed and who is allowed to have one of my pups.  

I will like to thank all my amazing families that have stood behind me and HausBeck. I love you very much  everyone of you.